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VPN For Windows 10: Set Up and Guide

VPN for Windows 10: Setup and Guide
VPN for Windows 10: Setup and Guide

I going to tell you about VPN for Windows 10 and how you can setup windows 10 VPN. Let’s go started.

To avoid tracking-hacking, today everyone wants privacy during online activities. No one wants to know about their activities and location. In such a situation, VPN i.e. virtual private network can be an option. Nowadays everyone has their own online identity. Other important data are also available online with online banking, Aadhar card, PAN card, personal photos, social media profile. In such a situation, today everyone is looking for a secure network, which is difficult to hack or track. In this case, VPN can be an option.

Let’s know about VPN for windows 10.

What is VPN?

VPN means virtual private network It is commonly used for network security. It adds an additional security layer on the public network such as the Internet or Private Network and hides your actual identity. It makes it difficult to know or track about you. During VPN, your device’s location changes in Internet Surfing. By staying in India, it also connects to any one of the servers in the UK, France, Japan, Korea etc. Your IP address, which is also called the identity of the Internet, also changes. It makes it difficult to track or hack your device.

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Why is VPN important?

If you are not involved in any criminal activity, then using VPN can prove useful to you. Especially at such times when you use public Wi-Fi, where data is theft or the possibility of hacking is the highest. Many times the offices have many sites on the Internet. In such a situation, you can not see those content. But when necessary, you can open these sites on your computer with the help of VPN.

VPN For Windows 10: Set up and Guide

It is easy to use VPN service. First, you have to decide which VPN is going to use. Then visit the VPN provider’s website, where you will find detailed information. For setup in Windows 10, you must first go to network settings.

Go to Windows “Settings”.

Select “Network and Internet”.

VPN For Windows 10

After select ‘VPN’.

Click on ‘Add a VPN Connection’ and Add a VPN Connection.

Add a VPN Connection

After it, click on Save option.

Your VPN for Windows 10 is created. You can see this VPN connection in Wi-Fi and Hotspot option in your Windows Settings.


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