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17 Important and Useful Android Secret Codes For Android Users

android secret codes
Important and Useful Android secret codes

Android Secret Codes: Smartphone users know almost everything about the phone’s features. But do you know about some of the Android mobile secret codes related to the Android mobile, through which all information related to the phone’s hardware and software can be trace?. No, the address of how much the phone has been used can also be tracked through these codes. In this post, I am going tell you about important and useful android secret codes for smartphones.

What is Secret Codes?

Android is the most used operating system in the world. The company also produces many types of backdoors which can be directly inserted into the system. By the way, they are blocked by the developers so that the users can not tamper with the system. These are called secret codes. Settings can be made through these codes.

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Important and Useful Android Secret Codes

Android secret code 1. * # 21 #

Their privacy is very important for users. They do not want anyone to share the data present in their phones. So this code will help you. With this code, you will be able to find out whether your voice call, SMS or any other data is not being forwarded to any other place.

Android secret code 2. * # * # 4636 # * # *:

After dialing this number, a window will open on your mobile screen, which will provide information about the phone, battery and usage. In this, you will be given Phone information 1, phone information 2, Battery info, usage statistics and Wlan information options. You can get information by tapping on any of these options.

Android secret code 3.  * # 06 #

All of you know about this code. With this code you can know the IMEI number. This code only identifies any phone. This code is different for all phones. This number can track the police phone.

Android secret code 4. * # * # 7780 # * # *

This can be used to remove factory restore, apps and data clearing, removing Google Account settings.

Android secret code 5. * # 62 #:

With this code it can be detected that your phone is not re-directed to any other number. In this you will find information about voice, data, fax etc.

Android secret code 6. ## 002 #:

With this code, if your call is forwarding to some number, or some other service is getting forward and you want to delete it. In this case, the code can be erased by this code.

Android secret code 7. * 2767 * 3855 #:

Dialing this code will reset your phone. Phone memory will be deleted. Use this code only if you need it. Otherwise your phone’s data may end.

 Android secret code 8. * # * # 2664 # * # *:

With this code you can test the touch screen of your phone whether it is working properly or not.

Android secret code 9.  * # * # 0842 # * # *

This code helps the vibration test of the phone.

Android secret code 10. * # * # 34971539 # * # *

This code gives complete information about the phone’s camera.

Android secret code 11. * 43 #

With the help of this code, you can turn on the call waiting service in your phone, while dialing # 43 # and also can close it.

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Android secret code 12. *409*<10 digit Jio number>

This code is for Jio users only. This code will help forward your calls to another number. For this, the user has to dial * 409 * <10 digit Jio number> from their number. After this you will have to follow the guideline given on IVR. By doing so, your voice calls will be transferred to another number. If you want to deactivate it, then dial * 402 from your Jio number.

Android secret code 13. * # * # 273283 * 255 * 663282 * # * # *

Entering this can backup all the phone’s media files.

Android secret code 14. * # 0228 #

By entering this, the user can know the status of the phone battery.

Android secret code 15. * 2767 * 3855 #

Through this the firmware can be re-installed in the phone. Not only this, the factory can be formatted, the phone’s files can be deleted.

Android secret code 16.* # * # 7780 # * # *

This can be used to remove factory restore, apps and data clearing, removing Google Account settings.

I hope that you understand about Important and Useful Android Secret Codes are given on the top. These android codes work on all android mobile phone.



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