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ShareChat Success Story Of IIT Graduate

ShareChat Success Story
ShareChat Success Story

ShareChat Success Story: Repeated efforts after repeated failure set up a new success story. The same happened with three friends from India, whose 14 projects failed, and then they succeeded in such a success that millions of Indians were not even Indians. We are talking about Bhanu, Farid and Ankush, who have studied at IIT, who started ShareChat after several attempts. There are millions of subscribers in India not only in India. Its success also indicates that it is being described as the Indian version of Facebook and Whatsapp.

What is ShareChat

ShareChat is a free Android app which is in 10 Indian languages. It is not in English, but can also share posts on Bhojpuri and Chhattisgarhi languages on its platform. Share chat started in 2015. They have around 40 lakh active users who share daily 2 lakh posts daily. This includes Good Morning Message, Jokes and Quotes. His post also includes videos, news etc. He has got funding of 36 crores. Now he is planning to raise funding for the second round.

Three friends started chatting chat

Share chat started by 3 friends together Fareed, 25, started it with his IIT friend Bhanu Singh and Ankush Sachdeva. He wanted to set up India’s own social network. Bhanu Pratap Singh, CTO, Fareed Ahsan, CEO and Ankush Sachdeva is in the post of Chief Product Officer in the ShareChat. Now there are 50 people who have chat chats, of which 18 are developers. Sharechat’s office is in Bangalore. They started ShareChat in 2015.

Facebook is the big competitor

Facebook has about 24 million active users and 24 million users are in the US. So what can Facebook eliminate their dreams? On this, the three believed that Facebook does not have a lot of options in local language so that they can survivate.

14 out of 17 projects failed

Forbes has also been nominated for the three under the 30 list. They have been working for the past six years. He became the first business partner and after that, his friendship grew deeper. The three worked together on 17 projects, 14 of which failed. One of his plans went on the 15th project. Prior to that, he started a ‘chat fight’ in which he wanted to debate whether he was number one in Bollywood but he did not have the project too.
Chat fight gave an idea

During this chat fight, he got 32,000 people who wanted to chat only in his local language. He saw that retired professor in Midnapore was searching for a platform where he could communicate in his own language. There were millions of people like him who wanted to talk in their own language. Demand for local language platform is also increasing in India.

The advantage gained from Jio

With the introduction of Geo, with the arrival of free data and cheap Android phones, the number of people arriving for the first time in the Internet world has increased. Content for local and semi-urban people was not available in the local language and the demand for local language was increasing in this group. Then in 2014, he removed the English language. They started creating user-generated content systems.

Created User-Based Platform

Such people do not want to go on platforms such as Instagram or Twitter, because it was afraid of being judged by them as to how they are doing the Conjugation. Sharechat gave him a platform where he could post without any fear. It does not matter if they do not have privacy on social media.

Hindi users will grow faster …

According to KPMG’s report, by 2021, 75 percent of India’s people will be using the Internet. Then in 2021, more people reading in English than English would be more. In this, the number of Bengali and Marathi readers will also increase. Based on this survey, the three friends made their strategies.

Smaller cities have more ShareChat users

More than 70 percent of their users are between 12 to 25 years and 70 years of age. Of these, 86 percent of the Aajiis are from Tier II and Tier III cities. His 5 percent of the audience is also in Bangladesh, Canada and Dubai. Every day around 3.5 million of their content is still on the share.


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