Most Important Android Tricks You should be Know

Android Tricks

Most Important Android Tricks: Hello Friends, I will tell you in this post about “most important android tricks” you should be know.

Are you an Android user and you want to know about Tips and Tricks about Android, then you have come to the right place. Well, you may have known about mobile tricks but there are some tricks and features that you may hardly know about.

First of all, let me tell you for information that “Android” is an “Operating System” that is necessary to run a Smartphone. This does not mean that there are other operating systems that can help in running a smartphone without any Android mobile running. There are some examples of Windows and Apple. Let me tell you that the Android operating system is created by “Google” and it is the most used operating system.

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Most Important Android Tricks You should be Know

  • Android Tricks 1: Restart Android Phone

Now you must be thinking that restarting it is a big deal, just pressing Power Button for a while and after that there is an option to click Restart, right?
Now if you think that your phone hangs and these options do not work properly then what will you do? Even after this, there is a way to get your battery out and re-insert it and start it. But there is a problem in it that now most phones come in which you can not remove the battery, what will you do? That’s why I’m going to tell you these tricks “How To Restart Android Phone In Other Ways”. Let’s know what else is the way to restart Android?

Tricks 1. In your Android phone, Power Key, Home Key, and Volume Up Key together with medicines i.e. Power Key + Home Key + Volume Up Key medication together and thus your Android phone will restart.

Tricks 2. Press your “Power Button > Select Restart”. After this, your Android phone will restart.

You can still do this by looking at it works absolutely perfect that will help you restart your hanging mobile. And your Android phone will start working right again.

  • Android Tricks 2. Take ScreenShots

It’s easy to take screenshots on Android phones. To take screenshots in Android phones, you will have to press Power Key and Volume Down Key, ie Power Key + Volume Down Key, together with Medicines and Figure Capture of your current screen and save in your Gallery. Will go.

  • Tricks 3. Capture Photos

It is very easy to capture photos in Android phones and you can take a photo by clicking “Capture” in the camera to take a photo. But I’m here to tell you about the tricks to take photos of how you can easily capture photos. So let’s know about this tricks.

To take a photo, press the “Volume Up Key or Down Key”. Your photo will be captured.

  • Tricks 4. End call with Power Key

These Android Tricks are also very beneficial for all Android users because this can end the call you’re doing with Power Key.

Sometimes we have to face a time when the Android phone’s Censor does not work properly, its light does not burn, and we have difficulty in terminating the call or for some reason you can not use the screen time. Then this trick proves to be a lot of work.
There is also a simple solution to this problem, Power Button so that you can end the call by pressing it when the call is completed. Default This setting is off, so first, you have to turn it on.

To do this you have to go to your android phone, save it by going to Settings> Accessibility> Power Button Ends and this feature will start working on your phone. And now you can check it by calling anything.

  • Tricks 5. Hold/Add Your Call to Other Number

Do you want to talk to multiple numbers if so, these tricks are very useful for you?

These tricks are different for all phones. So when you are talking on your call and want to call another number, you can click on the Add Call or Hold and select the number you want to call.

In this way, you can negotiate with multiple calls.

  • Tricks 6. Format Android Phone

We sometimes have to face such times when we have to format our Android phone. There may be many reasons for this, maybe you want to get rid of the unnecessary stuff on your phone or even format your Android phone even after selling it to someone else.
Well, you can do this by simply going to Settings, but I’m going to tell you some code so that you will be able to do this easily.

You can format your Android phone in two ways.

Factory Reset: Formatting this way will delete all the apps and settings on your phone, but internal and external storage will be safe. Dial your Android phone to Factory Reset. * # * # 7780 # * # *

Hard Reset: After formatting this way, all the things on your phone will be deleted, including internal and external storage, that means your Android phone will be just like new. Dial your Android phone to Hard Reset. * Code * 2767 * 3855 #

Note: – Dial this code in your Android phone only when you actually want to format your phone. If you dial to check it, all the data on your phone will be deleted.

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  • Tricks 7. When the Android phone is stolen

In the case of the Android phone being stolen first of all is needed, in order to disable the phone so that thieves can not abuse it. To check the serial number of your phone, press * # 06 # As soon as you press it, you will get a 15 digit code number on your screen. Note it and keep it in a safe place. When your phone is lost, give this code to your service provider, then it will block your handset.

  • Tricks 8. Smart Lock

This is a very useful option because in this you can choose to lock the phone, nowadays it is very important to have a lock option in the phone but we also get annoyed by repeatedly opening the phone so if you want your phone This feature cannot be locked at home or in the office.

Click Settings >> Security >> Smart Lock to set up Smart Lock. You can also use your face or voice to open the lock.

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