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How to use Tinder on Android, iPhone and iPad

how to use tinder on android iphone and ipad
how to use tinder on android iphone and ipad

How to use Tinder on Android, iPhone, iPad: Do you know about Tinder if no. Tinder is currently one of the most popular dating apps. Tinder app claims to almost 1.7 billion swipes and 26 million matches on a daily basis. Tinder shows the profile of users based on their location.

What is Tinder

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps. In the app, you can choose a partner of your choice. The app’s interface is quite easy. In the app you will have many profiles coming in front of them, you have to swipe them. You have to swipe right and left to the liking and dislikes.

How to use Tinder

First Thing

You need to download and install the app using your respective app store.
• For Android users: Open Google Play Store, search Tinder and tap on the install.
• For iPhone/iPad users: Open AppStore, search Tinder and tap on getting to download and install the app.

How to use Tinder App Follow these steps

1. Login: Users can either use their phone number or their existing Facebook account to login into the app. Using Facebook as a login method helps the user to set up the app properly as it pulls informations like friends list, photos and other details from the profile.

2. Configure profile: Go to the profile icon and tap on the gear icon to enter the settings of the app. Here you need to make changes as per the requirement.

3. Discovery Settings: Under this setting, users can configure their location, interest, distance and age. Select the desired location or leave it to default if you want to see the profiles from your current location. In the ‘Show me’ section users can choose the gender they are interested in. Using the age and distance option, the user can set the Maximum Distance and age range. Users can also customize the profile address using the Web Profile option.

4. App Settings: The app settings section includes Notifications and Contact Us section. The notification settings allow users to change the push notification settings for different actions on the app and the Contact Us section provides help and support to the users.

5. Editing your profile: To edit your profile, Go to the profile option and tap on the ‘Edit info’ option just below the profile picture. Here apart from changing the photos, users can also edit the information like job title, company, school etc.

6. Matching Process: In the flame-shaped section, the app itself shows the profile of other users based on their settings. Users can like, reject or super-like a profile by using the ‘X’ button to reject, the heart-shaped button to like and ‘*’ button for super-like from the bottom. Alternatively, users can also left swipe to reject, right swipe to like and swipe up to super-like.

7. Sending a message: After you’ve matched with someone, you can tap on the Message icon from the top to see all the matched profiles and tapping on them will allow users to start a conversation.

8. Get the paid membership: Tinder only allows 100 right swipes or like in every 12 hours and there are many other features which are restricted for free users. Getting the Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold will give users unlimited right swipes, one boost every month, five super-likes daily and more.

How to check if your Partner is on Tinder

If you want to know if your partner uses tinder or else you will have to pay 3.50 euros (that is, about 263 rupees). Here you will have to give details of your partner’s name, age, sex and location. You will not need to create an account on Tinder for this. But Swipe Buster will have to tell your e-mail ID which he can send to you the search result.

Follow these steps:

  • Visit Swipe Buster’s website.
  • Enter your partner’s name on Facebook here. Give details of his age and gender.
  • The last time your partner used to use tinder was to guess.
  • Swipe Buster has claimed that this will give you information about the location from where your partner swipe.

I hope that you like this post how to use Tinder on Android, iPhone, iPad etc.


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