How to Take a Screenshot on Windows 10/8/7 Laptop or PC

How to Take a Screenshot on Windows

How to Take a Screenshot on Windows: Taking screenshots is a very easy task. If you want to take a screenshot on Windows, then screenshot can be taken by tapping the Prt Sc button on the keyboard. At the same time, the full-screen screenshot can be taken by pressing cmd + shift + 3 in the MacBook Air. Tell you that there are many better ways to take screenshots on Windows devices. Today we are going to tell you how to take a screenshot on windows 10/8/7 laptop and pc. Keep in mind that this way will work with the new version of Windows XP or OS.

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How to Take a Screenshot on windows

Friends, all of us want to take a screenshot of their computers and laptops but they do not know how to take screenshots. So I’m going to tell you 3 methods to take a screenshot, which you can take a screenshot by following.

Method 1. If you want to take the full-screen screenshot on your laptop or PC then press Windows Key + PRT SC Key. After this, your screenshot will arrive.

  • To see screenshot go to My computer or This PC.
  • Select Pictures option.
  • Click on Screenshot.

Method 2. The second method to take a screenshot search “Snipping Tool” in your laptop’s search option and open it. After this, Select “New” option and drag the cursor around the area you want to capture and click on Save Snip.

Method 3. This is the third method to take a screenshot. Press PRT SC Key on Keyboard. After that, the screen of your laptop will be copied. Now you open the Paint and press Ctrl + V and Save your screenshot.

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4 Ways to Take a Screenshot on Windows

How to do the full-screen screenshot on the file Save:

First, after the Windows button, press the print screen. After doing this, the screenshots will be stored in your computer’s Pictures Library. After that launch the explorer. Then click on the pictures given in the side. You will get a screenshot as soon as you open the screenshot folder.

How to save the screenshot on the clipboard:

Press the print screen. By doing this, the print screen gets copied to the clipboard. Now you have to open an app that can handle the image, such as MS Paint, Word etc. Now press Ctrl + V Doing this will make the screenshot paste on the app. Now you can save the screenshot by pressing ctrl + s.

Screenshot of an app or window:

The app you want to take a screenshot should be in the foreground, that means the page of that app should appear. Then press Alt + Print Screen. Now open MS Paint and press Ctrl + V. After doing this, the screenshot of the open window will be stored in the paint. After this, you will be able to store screenshots at any place you like.

Screenshot of a part of the screen:

The snipping tool can be used for this. Open the sniping tool. For this you have to go to Menu> All Programs> Accessories. Here you will find the snipping tool. Now click on the down arrow created in the side of New. Then select Rectangular Snip or Free-Form Snip. You will be able to take rectangular screenshots with a rectangular snip. At the same time, with the help of a free-form snip, you can create any shape on the screen. With this tool, you can save the screenshot in the personal computer.

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