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How to Download Videos, Movies from Amazon Prime Video

download videos, movies from amazon prime video

How to Download Videos, Movies from Amazon Prime Video. In today’s time, streaming services in the world have become full of people who love watching movies and TVs. Most of these popular services allow users to download these videos for later viewing. These include services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime. You can download your favorite video, movie from here.

However, some users do not know the process of downloading videos from the video streaming service. Hello, Friends, I’m going to tell you how to download videos, movies from Amazon Prime Video in this post.

Let me tell you that you can download these videos only on your smartphone or tablet. It supports both Android and iOS. But you can not download the video on your laptop or pc. Another important thing is that you can download 15 prime titles at a time. So let’s know how you can download videos from Amazon Prime Video to Android or iOS device.

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What is Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon prime video is a live streaming app developed by Amazon. You can download amazon prime video from Play Store and App Store for your Android and iOS Device. You can download and watch amazon prime video, movies and tv shows online offline.

Download Videos, Movies from Amazon Prime Video

1. First, connect your device to Wi-Fi or mobile data and open the Prime Video app.

2. If you have selected ‘download only wi-fi‘ in the phone’s settings, then change it in settings and change it.

3. Now open the file that you want to download and open the detail page.

4. After going to the details page you will see the Download button here. Now click on the button to download.

5. From here you can select video quality. Here you will find 4 options, from Best to Data Saver. You can choose from any of them at your convenience.

download videos, movies from Amazon prime video
download videos, movies from Amazon prime video

6. Now the video will start downloading in your device. If you want, you can also pause it or even cancel it.

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7. Once the movie or TV show is downloaded, open the menu and tap on the download to view the list of your downloaded videos. Now tap the file to return to the details page, where you can see by tapping the Watch Now button or removing the file.

Conclusion: We learn in this post how to download videos, movies from amazon prime video. All the first we download amazon prime app from the store and select favorite video, we want to download. After it select the Download option and download our favorite video.



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